Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks Arch Support,(2

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The SIZE : Men l/Xl 7-11 Women l/xl 6. 5-8
The main reason cause plantar fasciitis :
The long-term effects of overload pressure, resulting in acute or chronic injury of the plantar fa

The SIZE : Men l/Xl 7-11 Women l/xl 6. 5-8
The main reason cause plantar fasciitis :
The long-term effects of overload pressure, resulting in acute or chronic injury of the plantar fascia.
Common reasons :
1, Take a long walk often, such as mountaineering fitness, hiking, shopping and so on
2, wearing high heels;
3, Gain lots of weight ;
4, walking and climbing stairs too often, and long standing;
5, congenital arch abnormalities.
In general, in the morning when you take the first step out of bed, the pain is most obvious, mainly because after a night of rest, plantar fascia no longer load, will be in a more shortened state.
So when you get up in the morning, the plantar fascia will have a greater and faster stretch, and then cause pain.

Medical examination found, the patient most pain in the anterior medial calcaneus, pull the patient’s toes, or ask the patient to stand with the toes, will cause heel pain.

treatment method :

rest and physical therapy to improve the heel pain, including ultrashort wave, electrotherapy and so on.
Long standing or or exercise caused by heel pain, ice heel in the heel for 10-15 minutes.

ARCH SUPPORT, dispersion of patients with plantar pressure, lessen the load must bearing in the lower limbs, can effectively reduce the tensile strength of the plantar fascia.
Thereby reducing the repeated traction on the plantar fascia damage.
According to the above 2 point,we make the Plantar Fasciitis Socks,aiming to relieve pain from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis and maintain balance by adjusting your feet on uneven surfaces.
It can be used day and night . Wearing it on left or right foot is suitable. No matter the women men or the elderly children,you can get one.

We do not insure you can get a complete recovery,but we do trust these babys work well and you can get more support recovery and make your life easier.

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  • Feature:RELIEVE THE PAIN IN FOOT: Are you still suffering from chronic pain in foot? Look at here. Guess what? Our latest products Plantar Fasciitis can support to stop that awful heel pain, stops throbbing instantly and help you stand and walk freely. Targeted Compression Ankle Support in the ankle Splint area without restricting motion.The compression in the ankle support also improves circulation, reducing inflammation and expediting the plantar Fasciitis healing process.
  • Feature:SCIENTIFIC DESIGN: Do not you think our socks look so different from the average? Of course, our Foot Compression Socks are professionally designed with 7 unique target zones, strategically positioned to deliver the correct amount of pressure exactly where it’s needed. It’s pretty scientific stuff – because the pain your feeling is caused by tense calves pulling on your achilles tendon which in turn pulls your plantar fascia tight, you need all 7 zones to relieve the tension!
  • Feature:LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Imagine if you or your family and friends are sports fitness enthusiasts, or businessmen teachers, cashiers, warehouse workers, nurses, long-standing movement fatigue, there is no reason we don’t cherish our feet? We are so sure that if you try our product one time, you would not want to take off it. Our graduated foot compression plantar fasciitis sock provides the perfect level of compression on every region of the foot. It offers support like a flexible foot brace.
  • Feature:MULTIPLE USES : Can be used to prevent injury in sports, gives extra comfort when on your feet for long periods, improves circulation for people who sit at a desk for long periods, reduces deep vein thrombosis risk when used as flight socks, better oxygen circulation helps reduce lactic acid build up ans promotes faster muscle recovery
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  • Title:Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks with Arch Support,(2 Pairs ) The Best Foot Supportive Compression Sleeve.Compression Ankle Socks Better than Night Splint, Eases Swelling & Heel Spurs, Ankle Brace Support, Increases Circulation, Relieve Pain Fast
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